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Global IoT in Agriculture Market Share & Size


The agriculture industry is one of the world’s less known industries which are digitized, but with the recent advancements in the industry, a transformation is expected to be witnessed as more and more companies are enhancing their product portfolio by introducing data acquisition, agricultural robotics and analytic services.
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Farming operations are becoming difficult as they evolve with the developments of technology. Precision agriculture, using advanced technology and IoT to improve crop production and practices, is seeing more efficient and educated farming procedures brought to life. For example, Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to reduce this high level of repetitive and physical work by developing different components to help make farms smarter and more efficient.
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Companies and government are looking toward innovative approaches in order to enhance the yield of the crops. One of the important solutions being implemented is AI. The latest technology being used in artificial intelligence in the agriculture industry falls into five categories:
•             Agricultural Robots
•             Crop and Soil Monitoring
•             Predictive Analysis
•             Neural Sensor Farming
•             Animal Tracking
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