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USUE assistant cheer coach charged with sexual battery, fired by school


An assistant cheer coach at Utah State University Eastern was arrested Sept. 28 and charged with eight counts of sexual battery after several cheer team members complained to campus police of him touching them inappropriately. Tucker Anderson, 23, was fired from his job on Sept. 14, according to a statement from the university.

By Matt Ward

The assistant cheer coach at Utah State University Eastern was arrested Sept. 28 on eight counts of sexual battery, a Class A misdemeanor.
Tucker Anderson, 23, of Price was accused by several members of the USUE cheer team who told campus police on Sept. 20 the assistant coach had “slapped them on their buttock, grabbed their breasts, and would rub against their backs with an erection,” according to a probable cause statement filed with the District Court.
Under questioning on Sept. 21, Anderson admitted to police he slapped the girls on the butt, but did not intend to cause any harm.
Anderson was later arrested after police conducted further investigations into his behavior.
He was released from the Carbon County Jail on his own recognizance the same day of his arrest, according to jail records.
A statement on the matter released by the university Tuesday says Anderson was fired from his job with the school on Sept. 14. 
Utah’s sexual battery statute details what constitutes a crime, including touching the breasts, buttock or any sexual organ, through clothing or otherwise, that the actor should know would affront or cause alarm.

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