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Helper man pleads guilty to sex assault


Steven Mendoza

A 34-year-old Helper man pleaded guilty to a second degree felony charge of forcible sexual abuse of a person older than 14 years of age on Wednesday in District Court in Price.
Steven Alex Mendoza had been facing a first-degree felony rape charge in connection with a sexual assault that occurred in May 2013.
Mendoza faces between one and 15 years in state prison as well as a $10,000 fine when he is sentenced Dec. 3 by 7th Judicial District Judge George Harmond, Jr.
Prosecutor Jeremy Humes, a deputy county attorney, said the evidence against Mendoza included DNA evidence that would have been introduced at trial.
During the guilty plea hearing, no witnesses were called, though the victim was present in the courtroom and was given a chance to speak. She declined to do so.
Mendoza was not in police custody when he made his guilty plea.

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