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Club Mecca has new owner with big plans


Daniel Jensen, who moved here last spring from Salt Lake City, recently purchased the old Club Mecca, He also has interests in other Downtown locations, bringing new energy into the business district. Matt Ward - Sun Advocate Editor

SLC transplant looks to purchase more Downtown buildings

By Matt Ward – Sun Advocate Editor

The old Club Mecca on Price Main Street has a new owner, is getting a makeover and will reopen within the next year as a completely new Downtown business.
Daniel Jensen, a businessman from Salt Lake City, moved to Price with his family in April and immediately saw opportunities to reinvigorate the Downtown corridor.
“When we got out here, I knew I needed something to keep me busy, so Mecca is where we’re starting,” Jensen said.
The Club Mecca is just one of a few locations in the business district he is focusing his attention on, which is inspiring renewed enthusiasm from local officials and other business owners who have been wringing their hands wondering what to do to inject new life into the struggling area.
“I have a few other buildings I’m in contract with right now that I’m trying to purchase,” Jensen confirmed.
Jensen for now is being vague about what type of businesses he plans to open. Club Mecca, he said, would likely be a beer, burger and pizza joint, open late and catering to a younger, college-aged crowd.
Jensen is already into the engineering and architectural stages of the Mecca’s renovation.
The old Club Mecca sits gutted now, work completed removing the wall that separated the bar from a breakfast restaurant. The ceiling is bare and walls stripped down.
The space is a wide open canvas for Jensen to do all manner of renovation. Portions of the original copper-colored ceiling, much of which was severely damaged, will go toward accents in the space. The same goes for some of the buildings other unique features and old signage.
Jensen purchased the building from Tony Basso, who owns upwards of 150 properties in Carbon County.
Basso said Jensen got a steal.
“His offer was really low. But when I got him on the phone and listened to his plans for five minutes, I accepted it. He and I share the same vision for Downtown,” Basso said.
Laska McCourt, who owns and operates Body Glow Medical Spa next to Club Mecca said she was more than excited to have Jensen as a new neighbor.
“It’s going to be awesome,” she said. “He is going to be the best neighbor ever.”
McCourt was already able to score a few pieces of the Club Mecca’s tin ceiling from Jensen. She crafted a wall and folding door for her seating area out of the historic material.
“He really has some very good ideas. He wants to bring some things outside, too. I’m really excited,” she said.

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