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Warning system to be tested at local park


On Wednesday, a demonstration of the Community Alert Warning System, designed and built by Alex Vajda, will be demonstrated at the Sunnyside Park at 4 p.m.
The system will produce a very loud air raid siren sound with an English two-tone sound interrupted 15 times a second for a very unique sound.  
The system will have microphone capabilities that will interrupt the alert sound as needed by authorized personnel.
The system will have the ability to interrupt the alert sound by any broadcast received by a receiver tuned to a dispatch system to give emergency messages to the community.
The entire alert sound, microphone message, and message received by its receiver will also be broadcast over an FM transmitter to anyone having an FM radio. As most people have FM radios this would cover a lot larger area. Because the alert sound would be heard over a lot larger area than the voice communication could be understood, people would know to tune in to the FM transmission for a complete understanding of what the emergency is.

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