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Two Helper trainmen looking for new jobs

By Sun Advocate

A hundred years ago in the month of November…

The following article was originally published in a Thursday edition of the Eastern Utah Advocate from November 1907. This is a reprint of that article.

Engineer Scott and Brakeman Hooper have had “the rollers put under them” by the general superintendent at Helper by reason of a row there last Friday. They are alleged to have been drunk and were abusing one of the waitresses in the lunch room, when requested to desist by Special Agent Burge. When the latter interfered he was given an abusive reply, followed by a blow from one of the fellows. Burge drew his gun and had squared himself for business, but before he could use his weapon Scott and Hooper closed in on him.
Before the two could wrest the gun from Burge the latter threw it to Conductor Preston, from who it was later taken and thrown through a window by Scott. Hooper, who weighs over two hundred, rushed in on Burge and threw him to the floor; in the meantime pounding him up about the head and face. At this juncture Burge was helped out by the porter and Burge got another gun, which was handed him. With this Burge got at Hooper’s head, making two very ugly wounds.
Marshal Cotter then came to the scene, arresting Hooper. He was released on bonds, and afterwards plead not guilty to disturbing the peace, but was fined twenty dollars and costs. They came after Hooper changed his plea to guilty.

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