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Local business roundup: Lucinda’s Boutique



By Sun Advocate

Lucinda’s Boutique, located at 62 North 100 West in Price is owned by Rhonda Langley.
The store features womens top quality clothing at “very” affordable prices. It carries a variety of styles from vintage, retro and western wear to todays fashions. Styles include casual, professional, winter wear, ski wear, formal wear and wedding wear. All of it comes in various sizes from zero to plus sizes.
There is also a large selection of accessories.
“I am working on the boutique’s atmosphere by enhancing the quality of the clothing and the comfort of the store for the customer,” says Langley. “My goal is to not only provide upscale clothing at downscale prices but to make shopping at Lucinda’s a fun and interesting experience.”
For more information call 637-6532.

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