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Surviving Super Bowl Sunday: a woman’s guide

By Sun Advocate

Let’s face it – football was created for men.
Even those women who like a good football game cannot outlast those men whose only waking thought is how many channels of football they can flip between in a single Sunday.
While the Super Bowl offers a lot more entertainment options in the form of amazing musical performances and hillarious commercials, making it through four quarters can still be a little overwhelming.
With the following Super Bowl survival tips, any woman can come away smiling when the teams finally leave the field.
•Make sure that a TV and VCR/DVD player are available in another room.
An entire full-length film can usually be watched in the time it takes for the pregame show to be over.
•Arrange a girls-only Super Bowl party and send the men elsewhere.
Watching the game with like-minded women can lessen the pain and allows for equal distribution of the remote control.
•Bring a pillow and take a Sunday snooze through two of the quarters.
Any significant plays missed will always be rerun on SportsCenter.
•Even if you want to watch the Super Bowl with a significant other, make sure you still complain regularly about how much your man watches football.
If you don’t, next year you may be expected to watch Monday night football every week without complaint.

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