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Presentation from Prescott College salutes Carbon’s Canyon



By Sun Advocate

Greg Burhop, co-student production coordinator

Prescott College presents “Hidden Wonder of Carbon County: A Performance Art Tribute to Desolation Canyon” on Dec. 6 and 7 at 7:30 p.m. at the Price Civic Auditorium on 185 E. Main (East entrance).
The multimedia performance incorporates dance, music, slides and spoken word. It is inspired by the canyon and its surrounding communities.
The performance is the culmination of a collaboration between the Price Field Office of the Utah Bureau of Land Management and Prescott College (Ariz.). The College students were invited to “dance” the canyons for the local community with the goal of communicating the importance and beauty of the canyon area to people who may never have a chance to travel there.
Over the semester-long course, Prescott College students rafted the canyon and studied natural and cultural history; choreography, performance and improvisation; and the political, artistic and ecological landscapes of the region. Upon returning to Price they met with local residents and artists to collect stories about the canyons for their performance. Utah painter Serena Supplee lent the class 108 slides of her paintings to choose from for the performance.
“Our time in Desolation Canyon was awe-inspiring,” said Prescott College Performing Arts faculty member Liz Faller, who is directing the show. “We have had no trouble in finding the inspiration and motivation to do our best in creating a tribute to the canyon and its people.”

Bryndl Mar, co student production coordinator

After performing for two nights in Prescott, Faller believes the show in Price will meet the goals of the project.
“Our opening night in Prescott was packed with an enthusiastic crowd. Many were moved to both tears and laughter. It was clear that audience members left with a heightened awareness of this magnificent place. I am confident that we have honored the canyon well.”
Expecting a diverse audience in Price, the 10-member ensemble has created a variety of pieces for the approximate 80-minute performance, including slides of the canyon; quotations, poetry and recorded music from Price locals; dancing with projected images of Utah artist Serena Supplee’s vibrant paintings, and other pieces inspired by the landscape and culture of Desolation Canyon.
The Culture Connection of Price is sponsoring the performances, with additional volunteer support from its members and the City Youth Council.
Proceeds go to the perfornance production and student travel costs. For more information call Liz Kourianos at 435-637-6357.

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