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Charlies Pawn



     For 29 years, Charlie’s Pawn has been helping the people of Carbon and Emery Counties with small loans and being able to help them purchase everyday items at a discounted price.
     Janet Marx Roedel and her late husband Charlie opened the pawn shop in a small corner of what used to be “Mike’s TV and Repair.”  They started out making loans and trade for guns and gold. Today Charlie’s Pawn has taken over the entire building.  
     Janet was born and raised in Price. Although she never had any children of her own, she has helped raise and care for many children. She currently serves as a foster parent. Janet is lovingly referred to as “Aunt Janet,” not only by family but by many loyal customers.
    Since Charlie’s passing in November 2011, Janet has been successfully running and expanding the pawn shop.
   Janet loves being able to help the community.  She sponsors and supports local sporting events and donates to numerous foundations and fundraisers.
    Janet’s favorite thing about the pawn shop business is meeting a lot of different and unique people. She enjoys getting to know their stories. She also likes being able to help people who might be in a “tight spot.”

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