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Sherald’s Frosty Freeze



    Jana Olsen, owner of Sherald’s Frosty Freeze, has a little piece of Americana. With the look, feel and taste of nostalgia, Olsen and her partner Ike Lee, have brought back the “Old fashioned burger stand taste.” Sherald’s  food is tasty, fresh and  uses only top quality ingredients. They take pride in using 100 percent fresh ground patties from Ungerman’s. It is here that you will find that the twist ice cream cone is back, with nostalgic plastic animals riding on top, new drink combinations to entice the customers,  hand spun shakes and vintage car and truck containers filled with the new child’s menu.  
    Olsen works shifts as waitress and cooks as well as ownership. All food is prepared fresh for customers. The extra 5 minutes is worth the knowledge that food has never spent time under a heating lamp.
    Heading into 2018, Sherald’s  has earned the recognition of  being rated #1 in restaurants in Price on Yelp, #1 out of 27 restaurants on Trip adviser, and #9 in an article “Only in your state.”

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