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Southeastern Utah Fishing Report

By Sun Advocate

CARBON COUNTY COMMUNITY FISHING POND: (April 25) The pond will be stocked during the first week of May. During the last half of April, county workers reported good fishing with flies and nightcrawlers. On April 18, J. Shirley and his son caught seven rainbow trout in 45 minutes, using green PowerBait. The biggest fish was 13 inches long.
ELECTRIC LAKE: (April 25) On April 20, Todd Munford and Joe Huggins fished an open patch of water south of the marina. In 3.5 hours, they caught 21 tiger trout and four cutthroats. The tigers ranged from eight to 17 inches, and the cutts ranged from 14 to 18 inches. They used a straight nightcrawler trailed by two feet of leader and a full bubble.
GIGLIOTTI POND: (April 25) The pond will be stocked with rainbow trout during the first week of May.
HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (April 25) The reservoir is completely open. Anglers reported good fishing in early April, but there haven’t been any recent reports.
JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (April 25) Earlier this week, Aquatics Biologist Calvin Black reported slow fishing, probably because of poor weather. Warmer temperatures are in the forecast, and Calvin anticipates better fishing conditions. Chub meat is the best bait. Crankbaits are effective for both splake and tiger muskies.
LOWER FISH CREEK: (April 25) Aquatics Biologist Calvin Black described flows as perfect for fly fishing. The water is clear, and fishing pressure has been light. Try using scuds, nymphs and streamers for more aggressive fish.
MILLSITE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (April 25) On April 20, Tom Ogden and Perry Bunderson fly fished from kick boats for about five hours. They caught 23 rainbows, eight cutthroats, three splake and one tiger trout. They used fast-sinking line with size 6 beadhead green tinsel leeches and beadhead black/copper woolly buggers.
SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (April 25) On April 22, Aquatics Biologist Calvin Black reported fishable water along much of the reservoir’s shoreline. The dam cove has plenty of open water for bank fishing. Madsen Bay is open, which allows easy fishing from small watercraft. Open water is spotty along the rocky east shoreline. The south bay (Mud Creek Bay) is completely open, and there’s a channel of open water all the way around the west side to the Fish Creek inlet. Stick with shiny lures, including silver spoons, Kastmasters and Jakes Spin-a-Lures. Green and white streamers have also been working well. Chub meat continues to be the best bait, but nightcrawlers, minnows and sucker meat have also been effective. On April 20, Todd Munford and a friend fished the south and southwest sides. In three hours, they caught five tigers, five cutts and 13 rainbows. The rainbows and tigers ranged from nine to 12 inches. They caught two cutts and one tiger that measured 19 inches.

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