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Off the bench – Carbon High Dino basketball



By Sun Advocate

Stewy Jones

Sophomore Stewy Jones is a point guard for the Carbon High basketball team. He has been playing basketball for five years with Junior Jazz and Mont Harmon. Jones is the oldest out of four. He has one sister and two brothers. He enjoys math and looks up to his parents as role models.

Justin Childs

Justin Childs is a freshman from Mont Harmon. He is looking forward to playing in the power forward position. He has played basketball for over five years. He participated in the Junior Jazz program. Childs is the youngest with a brother and two sisters. His favorite class is science. Childs feels his dad is one of his heroes.

Brandon Gagnon

Brandon Gagnon is a sophomore on the Carbon basketball team. He is a guard and small forward. He has eight years of basketball experience starting at 8 years old with Junior Jazz. With two younger brothers and a younger sister behind him, he has to set a good example. Of all his classes, he looks forward to English the best. Gagnon looks up to Coach Butler as a role model.

Andrew Quinton

Andrew Quinton is a sophomore in his second year on the Carbon squad. He has played basketball for 7 years, participating on both junior jazz and junior high ball basketball teams. He thinks math is his favorite class. He has three younger brothers and one younger sister. He admires both Michael Jordan and Coach Jeff Cisneros.

Dayton Martindale

Sophomore Dayton Martindale aspires to be a shooting guard. He has played basketball for at least seven years. Language Arts is one of his favorite classes for now. He looks to John Stockton and Coach Jeff Cisneros as his role models. He leads a group of two younger brothers and two younger sisters.

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