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Letter to the Editor: Come into the 21st century

By Sun Advocate

I would like to thank Dave Cunningham for coming forth with this information about the Carbon County Sheriff’s Posse (Sun Advocate, Letters to the Editor, Nov, 23). It was way past due!
My late husband, Byron Olsen was a 30 year member of the posse. During the good old days no one could beat our club. They did all the things mentioned, as well as rescue efforts, which included two fatalities. The gentlemen Dave refers to in his letter have always protested any changes or plans to upgrade the club. My husband fought for changes including letting women join.
I am not a rider, so when women were turned down it didn’t bother me personally, but I know the women who applied for membership and the humiliation they felt. The women who wanted to join were very good riders.
This club is probably the only one in the Western Riding Club Association that has not allowed women to join.
Let the 21st century come in and let the posse come back to the outstanding club it used to be.

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