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Eagles break four year Dixie win streak

By Sun Advocate

In the last second of Saturday night’s game against Dixie College, College of Eastern Utah freshman Jared Quayle single-handedly dismantled the Rebels home game win streak of nearly four years.
The streak, which had spanned 73 consecutive games, ended when Quayle snagged an offensive board and put back an eight-foot jumper to close the game 75-73.
Quayle had 10 points for the night and eight rebounds.
The loss will most likely drop Dixie from the National Junior College Athletic Association polls, where they were ranked eighth in the nation last week.
Dixie was able to add one victory over CEU to their streak before its demise, however. The Rebels defeated the Eagles 64-60 the previous night.
Jeremy Atwater led the Eagles with 16 points, five rebounds and three steals in the close game.
The split takes CEU to 3-3 in Scenic West Athletic Conference play, while Dixie drops to 4-2.
CEU will host North Idaho College for a two-game series Dec. 5-6. Games begin at 7:30 p.m.

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