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Wildlife division plans free fishing events for Carbon and Emery kids



By Sun Advocate

Carey Seals assists his children while fishing at the Gigliotti Pond last year.

If Carbon County residents plan to take the kids fishing this summer, this is the best opportunity of the year!
On Saturday, May 3and Saturday, May 10, the Division of Wildlife Resources will sponsor two kids fishing events. One will be in Emery County and the other in Carbon.
The DWR will provide rods, reels, tackle and bait for those children who don’t have their own.
A variety of businesses have contributed money or merchandise for these events, allowing the wildlife division to outfit the young anglers and offer drinks and various prizes.
These fishing events are free-of-charge and everyone is encouraged to attend.
The first event will take place at the Huntington Game Farm Pond in Emery County on May 3 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.
To get to the pond, drive to the town of Huntington. Turn on the Huntington Canyon road and travel a quarter of a mile.
On the right , anglers will see a street sign, reading North Loop Road. Turn right onto this road.
Travel north on the asphalt road for about one mile. When the road makes an abrupt turn to the west, get off the asphalt road. Continue north on a dirt/gravel farm road for another quarter of a mile.
At this point, participants will see the DWR game farm gate. Continue through the gate and continue on the main dirt road for another fraction of a mile to the parking lot and fishing pond.
The second fishing event will take place at the Gigliotti Pond in Helper on May 10 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.
To travel to the Carbon County pond, drive to Helper on Highway 6. Turn off on Martin Road and drive to the end of the road. The pond will be on the right.
This pond is handicap accessible and features modern restrooms. Snacks and food may be purchased at a nearby concessionaire.
Sometimes parent and guardians need a little help in outfitting the kids with rods, reels and other tackle.
Sometimes parents lack confidence about their own fishing skills and need a coach to help them teach the children how to fish.
These fishing events provide the means to get the kids out fishing and give them every opportunity to catch fish and have fun without having to spend any money.
For more information, call Brent Stettler at 636-0266.

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