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Dinos continue to stomp their way through baseball season



By Sun Advocate

During a game played earlier this month against North Sanpete, Jamal Lewis reconsiders his chances of stealing second base as he quickly returns to first. The Dinos compete last Tuesday at home and defeated Lehi, 7-0 capturing the Region 8 title.

The Carbon Dinos baseball team managed to hang on to their undefeated season record Tuesday afternoon as the team defeated Lehi, 7-0.
The victory allowed the Dinos to capture the number one seed in the Region 8 standings, thus landing the team a chance to compete for the state title next month.
Tuesday was a cold and wet day, but the gloomy weather did not dampen the spirits of the Dinos. The team waited out the rain and kicked off the competition strong.
As host team, the Dinos were able to remain relaxed as they waited out the weather. Lehi on the other hand seemed to have a difficult time playing in the bitter Carbon County weather.
According to Dino coach Lane Herrick, pitcher Troy Grundy had a good game at the mound.
“Grudy had 18 strikeouts against Lehi. This gave us a big advantage in the game,” explained the Carbon coach.
The Dinos continued to improve their hitting skills as the team stepped up to bat in the bottom of the first. Carbon managed to score four runs in this inning and it was due in part to the teams hitting skills.
“Each game we continue to improve, especially at bat. We have a solid team and can rely on any team member to do a good job when they are called on,” Herrick explained earlier this season.
The Dinos coach was quick to point out that Grundy’s efforts did not single handedly capture the teams victory. Rather, it was due to a complete team effort.
Carbon managed to increase their lead by one run in the fourth and by two runs in the sixth to force the Pioneers to a seventh inning pressure situation.
Entering the top of the seventh, Lehi found themselves trailing the Dinos, 7-0. Grundy continued to pitch well and sent Lehi back to the dugout with a Region 8 loss.
“This was a good win for us. We locked up the first place finish in the region with this win and look forward to the final four games of the season. The first place standing will now allow us to host a state play in game on May 10,” explained the Carbon coach.
The Dinos Region 8 season record now stands at 6-0 and their overall record is 11-5.
Despite the Dinos exceptional record, the team remains unlisted on the Class 3A standings.
In a way, this may be beneficial to the Carbon team. After all, state championships are not based upon expert standings. On any day, an unranked team can defeat a top ranked competitor.
The Dinos will continue to build their season record as the team competes against North Sanpete on the road Friday afternoon. The team will then return home next Tuesday as they host Delta at 3 p.m.

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