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Price officials form committee to prepare citizens for emergencies

By Sun Advocate

The latest committee formed by Price city will assist citizens in preparing to deal with crisis situations.
Members will canvas the community this week and ask residents several question.
The questions are designed to determine whether Price city residents:
•Have an adequate supply of food and water in case an emergency occurs.
•Know where and how to turn off the natural gas, water and electricity at private residences or businesses.
•Know school emergency plans.
The emergency preparedness committee is under the direction of Joyce Daniels, with assistance provided by Greg Fausett and Rita Dunn.
The first order of business is to send out a survey to all Price citizens through the city’s utility bills. The survey is designed to assess the current level of preparedness in the city.
The committee will use the information to develop educational programs, information and events to assist individuals, families and businesses that want to increase their existing levels of preparation for unforeseen emergencies and natural disasters.
It is the desire of the committee to counter fear and possible panic with knowledge and preparation.
“Disaster can strike quickly and without warning,” explains Daniels. “It can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home.”
The survey will help the committee get an idea if the citizens of Price know what they would do in the event basic service such as water, gas, electricity or telephones were cut off.
The questionnaire is also designed to assist residents in making sure they have the necessary items on-hand they will need in a crisis situation.
Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, pointed out Daniels. But emergency personnel cannot reach all the residents in Price right away.
There is at least a three-day period before the Federal Emergency Management Administration or the American Red Cross can become activated, indicated Fausett. The committee’s immediate goal is to have every household able to implement a preparedness plan at a moment’s notice.
“We are looking at least a three-day supply of the necessities,” noted Fausett.
“Knowing what to do is your best protection and bottom-line it is your responsibility,” added Daniels.
The committee’s function is to assist people by obtaining the level of knowledge and preparedness to handle an emergency situation.
The committee encourages all Price residents to take a few minutes, fill out the survey and return the questionnaire with utility bills or deliver completed forms to the city hall.
The goals include helping Price citizens to develop the knowledge to meet emergencies with a minimum of reliance on outside intervention, dispelling misinformation that causes fear and encouraging a community spirit of cooperation.
Members are in the process of creating a brand logo forthe committee’s emergency preparedness efforts, concluded Daniels.

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