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Easter vehicle accident injures one

By Sun Advocate

A motorcyclist trying to merge with traffic on Highway 6 off of Carbonville Road, was injured on Sunday morning.
According to the Utah Highway Patrol, the incident occured when the driver of the motorcycle allegedly overshot the merge lane and collided with a semi-truck.
Karl Danron, 47, of Price was riding his 1994 BMW coming off Carbonville Road when he tried to enter the Highway 6 merge lane and overshot it.
“It appeared he came into the corner too fast and didn’t make the merge lane, instead traveling into the traffic lane and impacting the other vehicle,” explained Highway Patrol Trooper Chris Parkins.
The truck, driven by Christine Oxner, 33 of Arizona, was westbound when the motorcycle ran into the passenger door. Oxner maneuvered the truck into the center median after the incident.
The impact threw Danron off the bike. During the tumble his helmet came off and he received back and leg injuries, extensive road rash burns, but no head injuries. After landing, Danron ended up back in the merge lane.
“When I initially got the call it sounded really bad,” stated Parkins. “But it turned out much better than the initial report.”
The accident caused a slowdown in heavy Easter traffic that was headed toward the Wasatch Front for a while, but emergency personnel quickly got the mess cleaned up as campers, boats, jeeps and ATV’s on trailers rushed by.

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