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Utah celebrates national tourism week, May 10-18

By Sun Advocate

The Utah Tourism Industry Coalition (UTIC) is announces that National Tourism Week will be celebrated in Utah, May 10- 18. This 20th annual celebration will highlight contributions of the travel and tourism industry to the U.S. economy.
Tourism Week in Utah will highlight this industry, which employs over 130,000 Utahns, nearly one out of every nine jobs. In 2002, the state was host to an estimated 17.5 million visitors, with an economic impact of $4.15 billion in spending. These travelers provided $475 of tax relief per Utah household.
From Logan to St. George, Wendover to Vernal to Mexican Hat – tourism plays an integral role in each of Utah’s 29 counties. Each county makes an investment in tourism through collecting taxes on hotel and motel rooms, and then spending those taxes on tourism marketing, promotion and infrastructure. The state of Utah will invest about $4 million in tourism efforts in 2003-2004, placing Utah in the lower third when compared to other state’s spending on tourism. Advertising experts and industry standards estimate a return on investment of 4 to 1; that is for every $1 invested in tourism, the tourist returns $4 back into the economy.
Utah is perceived as a safe destination, and the state’s image was boosted from hosting the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The state is well positioned to benefit from many of the changing travel patterns among domestic visitors. With major attractions including National Parks, Monuments and Forests, world-class mountain resorts and Temple Square; combined with activities to satisfy any level of expertise, Utah will attract visitors seeking a higher quality, more unique experience.
UTIC is the trade association for the tourism industry in the state, and works to increase awareness of this important facet of economic development. UTIC was established in 1984 to promote the economic well-being of the state through development and execution of well-planned travel and tourism sales and marketing strategies. UTIC is strengthening commitment and unity between all state tourism advocacy groups, Utah Tourism Industry Coalition 135 East Main Street, P.O. Box 750365, Torrey, UT 84775 Phone: 435-425-3997 Fax: 435-425-3998 www.utahtourism.org

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