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Letter to the Editor: Elect only oath keepers

By Sun Advocate

“If we learn nothing from history, we’re condemned to repeat it,” said George Santayana, the American philosopher.
James Madison observed, “The people never give up their freedom except under some delusion.”
What could aid a trannical insider megalomaniac in creating such a delusion, better than a crisis, natural or planned?
Power driven politicians have throughout history, sought methods to keep them in power.
The power ruse is as ancient as Nero’s exploitation of the fire in Rome in 64 AD to fuel the persecution of Christians- started by agent provocateurs.
Hitler used provocateur in the burning of the Reichstag (parliament) in 1933 to push through his, “Enabling Act.” The beginning of the end of freedom in Germany.
Now comes September 11. Along with the rest of our nation, we paused to grieve over the many innocent lives that were lost last year in a terrible tragedy. Our hearts go out to the families of those who perished.
However, because the ‘seepage in’ of political position fruit, we have a special responsibility, like agent provocateurs in Germany pushing through Hitler’s “Enabling Act” America has a conniving clique of slick insiders, cynically exploiting our national tragedy in order to push through a power grab, presented to the administration prior to Sept. 11, named “Homeland Security.”
The power of every totalitarian state rests on a centralized militarized police force that carries out the will of a ruling elite, rather than protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens.
While the proposed homeland security department, in its present form, does not meet that description, it clearly provides the foundation to “add upon” by this and later administrations.
Our constitutional system of government has proven to be the greatest system ever created. This November, we the electorate have the responsibility to elect only those to the congress who will keep their oath.
Henceforth, let’s become watch dogs over our elected representatives.

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