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Help Advocates expands



By Sun Advocate

Jo Matern and Chon Kandaris are associates at Help Advocates.

Help Advocates of Price announces the addition of Jo Matern as an associate to the business. Matern, an experienced Social Security claimant representative joins Chon Kandaris. Together they have combined 26 years of practice in the Social Security disability field. The firm consists of four full time advocates. They have brought over $6 million dollars to injured and disabled people in Southeastern Utah and others areas of the state.
“Our combined clients receive well over $700,000 each month that goes into our local economy,” say Matern and Kandaris. “This improves our whole economy, our school system, our shopping districts, and our medical communities.”
In addition, if the claimants have been on assistance from the State of Utah, the state gets paid back these funds before the claimants receive the benefits, they explained.
Other employees at Help Advocates include Shirley Alger and Sandy Robinson. They are both experienced in greeting and assisting people by helping them fill out the forms required by Social Security.
Help Advocates is located at 23 South Carbon Avenue in Price. The phone number is 637-4357.

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