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Helper rams the Bulldogs in exciting volleyball competition



By Sun Advocate

The Helper Junior High Rams competed against the San Rafael Bulldogs last Thursday afternoon. The competition proved to be tough as the varsity team for Helper fell to the Bulldogs 15-3, 15-11. Rams team captain Danny Martino had a great game at the net as well as making some amazing digs in the back court. The rest of the team worked hard as well.
In the junior varsity game, Helper played tough and defeated the Bulldogs. The game did go three sets with the Rams winning the second set 15-3 and the third set 15-9. Thanks to the serving skills of Erin Barker, the Rams had a good start which turned out to have a perfect ending to a hard played game. The girls communicated well which allowed the team to out play the Bulldogs.
Both the varsity and junior varsity teams have improved in leaps and bounds since the beginning of the season. Next on Helpers schedule is Mont Harmon. The game will begin Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in Helper.

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