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Summer Baseball Action Heats Up with WBBA All-star Tournament



By Sun Advocate

A battle ensues at home base against members of the Northern Heights team and the Price National team on Tuesday. After the dust had cleared, Northern Heights walked away with a 15-2 victory in the minor league game.

As the weather heats up, so does the local baseball action. Monday was the beginning of the annual Western Boys Baseball Association’s all-star tournament. The tournament allows both major and minor league teams to compete throughout the month of July.
The tournament kicked off with a bang as teams from across Carbon County began competition. The four venues for the event include Sunnyside, Helper, and the two Northern Heights Price fields. This will give baseball fans from across the county the opportunity to enjoy summer baseball action.
The Sunnyside field hosted both major and minor league teams on opening day. In minor league competition Green River defeated Sunnyside 13-6. The major league game held Monday also pitted Sunnyside against Green River, with Sunnyside coming out on top 14-3.
The baseball action continued in Sunnyside on Tuesday as the home team competed against the Northern Heights Green team in major league play. The Price team walked away victorious 15-14 in the highly competitive game.
Helper also hosted games both Monday and Tuesday with the first of which pitting the Helper A team against the Northern Heights Green team. Helper easily defeated Northern Heights 23-1 in the major league game.
The following night, a showdown between Helper teams ensued. In the major league game, Helper A defeated Helper B 14-4.
Price also hosted its share of WBBA action at the Northern Heights fields located near the sheriff’s posse grounds. Monday evening, minor league action began with the Northern Heights Blue team facing off against the Helper A team. The Blue team finished victorious, 13-8.
Major league play also took place on Monday at the Price fields. The Price National White team defeated the Price National Red team 17-2 while the Northern Heights Blue team defeated Helper B, 13-2.
WBBA action continued Tuesday as minor league teams Northern Heights and Price National White battled for a league victory. Northern Heights walked away with the win, 15-2.
In major league action held Tuesday at the Price field, Price National White defeated Green River 30-1, while Northern Heights Blue defeated Price National Red 13-6.
The baseball action will continue throughout the week with teams both in the minor and major leagues competing. This week is extremely important for the minor league teams who are currently competing in a round robin style tournament. By the end of the week, the minor teams will prepare to do battle in the next weeks double elimination tournament which will begin July 15. Only four teams from this week will move on to compete in this tournament.
The major league competition will continue throughout next week. After the week is completed, six teams will qualify to compete in the final week of local action in their annual tournament. The winner of this tournament will then move on to compete at the WBBA little world series to be held in Salt Lake City August 5.
With the desire to win piercing each players tongues, the competition is bound to be exciting as each team strives to be the best for the 2002 WBBA season.

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