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Price city recognizes resident’s conservation effort with plaque



By Sun Advocate

As part of a program started two months ago, Price has honored Mary O’Brien with a plaque recognizing the resident’s water conservation efforts.
According to community director Nick Tatton, O’Brien realized that it was going to be an extremely dry year. When the city began stressing water conservation, she decided to downsize her large lawn and put in some rock areas, including the large parking strip in front of her home.
In making the presentation to O’Brien, Tatton stressed that the recognition was for upholding high professional standards, being an involved and responsible citizen, creating a pleasant environment and having a progressive approach to build local business and economy.
“Mrs. O’Brien should encourage more people to conserve water,” added Tatton.
Before starting her efforts, she called the city for input into her project.
“It is surprising how much water I am saving,” said O’Brien. “I am also learning how to conserve water inside the house as well.”
The award is presented once a month and nominations can be made by contacting the Price city offices.

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