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Helper police chief encourages public to assist in locating suspect in arson case



By Sun Advocate

Scorched siding and boarded windows remain at the site of an arson fire in Helper. According to Police Chief George Zamantakis, the blaze was ignited by a human and investigators have identified Alisa Murdock as a suspect. The police department encourages the public to assist in the effort to locate Murdock.

Public support is vital in assisting law enforcement agencies in the ongoing crusade to keep communities safe. And Helper Police Chief George Zamantakis is asking citizens to help capture a suspect in an arson investigation.
The ordeal began May 28 at approximately 7 p.m. when the Helper City Fire Department was paged to a burning structure located at 22 Dodge Street.
The fire department responded along with Helper law enforcement officers. The fire at the Jerry Day residence was quickly contained.
But the entire structure suffered severe smoke damage and a portion of the home was destroyed by the blaze.
Officials determined that the fire erupted in the northwest corner of the home. It was unknown how the blaze started and fire investigators began looking for clues.
Investigators from Helper and the Utah Fire Marshal’s Office searched the home and determined that the blaze was intentionally set, according to the police chief.
No accelerant was used, but the fire occurred due to human involvement.
Authorities immediately launched an intesive effort to identify a suspect in the arson incident.
Evidence gathered by the investigators indicated the possible involvement of Alisa Murdock – aka Alisa Day, pointed out Zamantakis
After collecting sufficient evidence, Zamantakis obtained a $15,000 warrant from the 7th District Court for Murdock’s arrest. But to date, the police department has been unable to apprehend the suspect.
Murdock is thought to have fled the local area, but Helper police are constantly on the lookout for the suspect, explained the chief.
Zamantakis encouraged residents to watch for Murdock, who is described as a 29-year-old female approximately five foot three inches tall and weighing 125 pounds.
The arson suspect has brown eyes and straight brown hair, medium in length, contunied the Helper police chief.
Murdock’s last known residence was located in Carbonville.
Citizens with information regarding Murdock’s whereabouts should contact the Helper police department at 435-472-3719.
In addition, the police department has an Internet website at www.law-enforcement.org/helpercitypd/.
The Internet site contains a form residents may fill out and submit with information regarding the arson case.
The Helper law enforcement agency’s website also has a printable form which can be filled out anonymously and sent directly to the city police department.
“We need the publics support. By getting the public involved, we can keep up to date with what’s happening in the community and make the proper actions if needed in any given situation,” explained Zamantakis.
The police department’s website is designed to allow the general public to become actively involved in investigations such as the Murdock case.
The website also allows citizens to keep track of what is happening within the police department.
Internet visitors will be able to readily access arrest statistics and Helper police officer information at the designated address.
“It is important to let the public know what is going on within the department,” pointed out Zamantakis. “The website is the easiest way to get this information out.”
The search for Murdock should be a community effort, added the Helper police chief. Locating the suspect represents a key step in resolving the first degree felony level aggravated arson incident.
With the assistance provided by Carbon County residents, the Helper police department is certain that the arson suspect will be apprehended, concluded Zamantakis.

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