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As one door closes, another one opens for all-star Dino wrestler



By Sun Advocate

Wrestling has become a part of life for Shea Timothy. This season was the last one for Timothy in a Dino uniform, but his career could just be beginning. Timothy has been accepted to attend and compete at the University of Central Oklahoma. The university has the number one ranked division two wrestling team in the nation. Timothy feels that the experience will be valuable and is a milestone in his long wrestling career.

After wrestling for nearly all his life, Shea Timothy now finds himself being awarded for his dedication to the sport. From the mats of junior high school to high school, Timothy has captured 14 prestigious wrestling titles, and now looks forward to breaking records at the University of Central Oklahoma.
Timothy began wrestling at the age of four. After breaking his leg at age five, he sat out of the sport for a brief time only to return strong to the wrestling mat.
Growing up in a family of wrestling enthusiasts, Timothy is the youngest of three brothers who has competed in the sport. He is also the third brother to be accepted at a top college wrestling program through an athletic scholarship.
It is not a surprise to find out that Timothy was accepted to the number one ranked division two wrestling program in the country. Just by watching Timothy on the mat, one could witness the talent that this young athlete possess.
After sending videos and career biographies to the Oklahoma school, Timothy found himself on top of the schools scholarship list. Despite being offered scholarships at several other schools, Timothy felt that Oklahoma would be the strongest school to suit his wrestling needs.
After capturing seven freestyle and four greco state titles, a junior high and high school state title, and being named to the All-American team, Timothy feels that opportunity is knocking loudly at his door. To answer, Timothy will travel to Oklahoma to compete and earn a college degree.
“I’m not quite sure what I’ll study yet. I’m still undecided. I do look forward to competing for the team. They are one of the best in the country and that will allow me to compete against the best wrestlers in the nation,” explained Timothy.
Being a part of an elite group of American wrestlers is familiar territory for Timothy. As part of the All-American Team award, Timothy was one of only three wrestlers in the state of Utah to be named to on the list. The other two wrestlers are former state champions and each athlete, Timothy has competed against and successfully defeated.
As part of being named to the All-American team, overall records and overall pins were reviewed. Only the top athletes in the country were selected to the team based on these figures. Timothy found himself on this list and feels that the award aided him in receiving his scholarship.
“After reviewing my stats, awards, and video tapes, Oklahoma decided to have me come and compete for them. I was excited to hear the news and look forward to working with assistant coach Trent Manlox. I have met him before and he has worked with my brother in the past. It will be a unique experience traveling so far away from my home and family to go to school and compete in wrestling, but I look forward to it,” explained Timothy.
Although wrestling is the sport of choice for Timothy, he does not see himself competing for much longer. “I think I’ll just compete for college. After that, I don’t know, but I think I’ll be done with the sport. The only other option is to compete at the Olympics, and I’ll see when the time comes whether I will try for the team or not,” Timothy explained.
In his spare time, Timothy enjoys participating in sports such as baseball and football. He also enjoys hunting and fishing and being outdoors.
As the summer months pass by, Timothy plans to enjoy the time he has in the Carbon County area. After the summer, it will be time to move on and travel to Oklahoma where Timothy will compete against the best athletes in the country. The experience will be valuable to Timothy who plans to become the best wrestler not only at the University of Central Oklahoma, but in the United States.

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