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Misner’s “Craisin Salad” recipe makes the big time



By Sun Advocate

Audrey Misner of Price is pictured with her “Craisin Salad” featured in the June 2 edition of American Profile Magazine. The recipe, collected while living in Missouri, is one of her favorites for group functions and family gatherings.

Audrey Misner of Price doesn’t consider herself a cook but her recipe just received national attention when it was printed up in the American Profile Magazine, a weekly feature that is published in the Sun Advocate and Emery County Progress. The Magazine is included in hundreds of newspapers across the country.
The busy mother of two, not only runs a household with her husband Randy, but works two jobs and has counted on the “Craisin Salad” recipe many times to help her out at family gatherings or group functions.
“I usually make the salad six or so times a year,” said Misner last Friday when she prepared the salad for a small group of relatives and served it at Terrace Hills Park for her interview as a national recipe contributor.
She said that she is not used to all the attention this has given her and, although all the members of her family said they enjoy reading the magazine, none of them realized just how popular it is.
“I can’t believe all the people that are stopping me saying, ‘I have your picture and recipe hanging on my refrigerator,'” she says.
The submission of the recipe really happened on a whim as Misner was working with her son, Chance, on a cookbook project for Mont Harmon Junior High. Misner said she has always collected recipes and when her son needed to take some to school she had spread them all out and was going through them when several other recipes from the Profile surfaced.
“We submitted 111 recipes for the Mother’s Day cook book project at school,”she says. “Then just for the heck of it I decided to send the Craisin Salad to American Profile.”
Not only did Chance win a prize for the most recipes, but two weeks later Audrey received a congratulations letter and a T-Shirt telling her that the recipe had been selected and would be featured in the June 2 edition of the family magazine.
The Craisin Salad is perfect for summer cooking says Misner and features three types of lettuce, cheeses, bacon, chicken, craisins (dried cranberries), onion and sugar.It is actually a recipe she picked up while in Missouri where her husband, Randy was stationed in the military.
“I copied it down in 1993, and it has been a favorite of mine ever since,” she concluded.

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