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Large schools defeat small schools in wrestling extravaganza

By Sun Advocate

If you planned to attend the scheduled wrestling meet Carbon had with Delta on Tuesday evening at the Dinogym, you probably found there was no one there.
That’s because the meet was cancelled due to the fact that two of the biggest stars of the teams were wrestling at Utah Valley State College in the Utah High School Wrestlng Classic.
The meet pits some of the best from the 4A and 5A ranks against wrestlers from the 3A, 2A and 1A divisions. This is the second year and the big schools won 25-18 with Viewmont wrestlers dominating the meet.
Cameron Dansie from Carbon was the only local wrestler involved and he competed in the 130 lb. weight class. He lost the match in an 8-7 decision. Dansie who has consistently been ranked nationally lost to Wade Steed, one of the three Viewmont wrestlers that carried their team to victory.
Other wrestlers who competed from Region 8 were Storm Singleton from Delta who was defeated by Garrett Story from Mountain View 12-6, Tyler Lee from North Sanpete lost to Billy Green from Fremont in a 5-4 decision and Chris Petersen from Delta who lost 8-7 to Oliver Bradstreet of Taylorsville.
Many expected Dansie and Singleton to win, which would have meant a victory for the smalls schools but it wasn’t to be.
Last year the competition was held for the first time at Jordan High School where over 2000 people packed into the schools gym to see the event. The UVSC competition on Tuesday night attracted 4500 spectators.

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