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Junior high basketball off and running



By Sun Advocate

The junior high basketball season is officially underway. The Helper Junior High Rams hosted the East Carbon Vikings Jan. 8 in Helper to begin junior varsity play.
The boys teams began the night with Helper playing strong against the struggling East Carbon team.
The Rams played strong on both ends of the court. By the second quarter, the Rams had scored 18 points, while the Vikings struggled to sink their shots.
By the second half, East Carbon came out with a new fire, however the flames kindled quickly with the Rams winning the game 47-17.
Leading scorer for the Rams was Jarred Bracken who finished with 10 points. Arthur Perri followed in scoring with eight points, while Brian Gazell scored five points; three of these points came from the three point line.
The Vikings started the game on a rocky road, and never found smooth ground throughout the game. The Rams capitalized on the Vikings struggles to finish victorious.
After the boys game was completed, the girls hit the hardwood floor. The girls from both teams came out determined and ready for competition.
The Rams finished the game victorious by the score of 26-10, however the Vikings put up a good fight.
Both teams showed a great amount of hustle throughout the game. Quick steals and fast break baskets littered the court as the two teams raced for a victory.
The determination from both teams was obvious throughout the game as jump ball calls rang through the gymnasium.
The Rams outstanding players for the game were Amie Stewart and Boshea Howa who each scored six points against the Vikings.
Helpers defense also helped the team to seal the victory against East Carbon.
The Vikings will begin preparation for the next game which will be held Jan. 15 in East Carbon against the Mont Harmon Pirates.
Helper will also prepare for competition against San Rafael Jan. 10 on the Rams home court in Helper.

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