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The Sports View

By Sun Advocate

What is this world coming to? First, we have irate fans in Cleveland throwing beer bottles at referee’s and players after a call was made that disappointed Browns fans.
The following night, fans at the Rams and Saints game also threw debris on the field after New Orleans lost the game.
Don’t people have common sense? I guess that is somewhat of a silly question to direct towards fans that stand in below zero temperatures half naked and painted from head to toe just to cheer on their favorite football team.
I guess my real question is, if you support a team, why throw debris at the players on the field. Whether the objects being thrown are intended for the opposing team or not, chances are that players for the team who fans are supporting will be hit and effected in some way by the disgraceful display of sportsmanship from the fans.
In the Cleveland game, the fans disagreed with the officials call to review a previous play after the current play had been started. Maybe this was a bad call, but is sports not filled with bad calls. It seems as if every sporting event has a story of a bad decision made by officials; kind of like those legendary fish stories.
If every game that had a bad call made had acts of poor sportsmanship like the Browns game, beer companies would definitely cash in on the profits of flying beer filled bottles.
Because of the sad display of sportsmanship in Cleveland, the NFL has been forced to make new restrictions at games regarding alcohol sales. The NFL has directed teams to cut off beer sales after the third quarter, even though only five of the 31 teams had been selling beer during the fourth quarter.
Teams throughout the league are also banning the sales of beer bottles. Vendors are being required to pour beverages in cups, just to ensure that fans do not have loaded weapons to throw out on the field.
Pure common sense on behalf of sporting fans would eliminate such decisions from being made.
The whole situation baffles my mind. How could fans treat players and officials this way and still expect to watch highly competitive games week in and week out?
I am a firm believer that fans should support their team and not give the team a bad reputation due to fans actions. The fans represent the team as much as the players do.
Cleveland Brown fans should be happy that they even have a team. After all, the team had been relocated from Cleveland and then a few years later, the NFL allowed the city to regain its team.
Living in Utah, I know that football fans would be thrilled to have a NFL team, and I’m sure that in this state, fans would not throw beer bottles.
I am an avid football fan, and I will be the first to admit that I get a little wild on game day, but I also don’t put anyones safety at risk. The only risk that those around me face are burning eardrums from the yelling I do at the t.v. I sure don’t throw stuff, and I definitely would not at a live event.
I’m also a huge Oakland Raiders fan, and football fans know what that means. Those Raider fans are a breed of their own, but we sure don’t act like bad sports by throwing debris onto the field.
Trust me, after last weeks loss due to field goals, Raider fans had a reason to react harshly, but we fellow fans refrained from playing such ridiculous games. Instead, we simply complain about the loss for a week.
What are young athletes and fans learning by watching sporting events? Are they learning about sports? What about enjoying the excitement of watching a professional team play? Or are they simply learning poor sportsmanship, not from the athletes, but from the fans?

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