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Seven arrested in drug investigation

By Sun Advocate

A report to the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office regarding stolen property and the possibility that two parole violators were at a residence resulted in the arrest of seven people Thursday.
At approximately 9:20 a.m. on Dec. 27, Deputy Eric Liddiard approached a residence in Golding Estates in Miller Creek along with Jeff Wood and Mike Mayer of the state corrections department.
The officers were following up an anonymous call to the sheriff’s office claiming stolen property was at the site as well as two parole violators who were reportedly living in the home.
The owner of the residence, Martin Vouk, reportedly answered the door and told the officers that neither of the individuals were at the home. The officers asked if they could check the residence and Vouk allowed them to enter the house.
Upon looking around the residence, the officers found the persons in question. Arrested for an outstanding warrant was Bonnie Herzet, 42, who has been on the local top 10 wanted list for some time.
Also arrested for a warrant was Richard Herzet, 41. The pair were reportedly found in a bedroom that contained suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.
The authorities at the scene contacted Shane Henrie and Frank Pero of the Carbon Drug Metro Task Force and the officers came to the residence. Vouk gave the officers permission to search the house. During the search, the law enforcement officials reportedly found enough evidence of suspected drug activity to arrest all seven individuals living at the residence.
Taken into custody were Max Jones, 54, for a warrant and possession of meth and paraphernalia; Crystal Jones, 33, for a warrant and possession of meth and paraphernalia; and Jesse Bailey, 22, for possession of meth and paraphernalia.
Martin Vouk, 43, and Michael Rossiter, 49, were both arrested for possession of a meth lab and drug paraphernalia.
The entire operation ended about 3:30 p.m. as officers transported the individuals involved and searched for additional evidence. Along with the suspected meth, the labs and the paraphernalia, the authorities also reportedly found precursor materials used for manufacturing the drug.

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