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Southeastern Utah fishing report as of June 11

By Sun Advocate

Freeze/thaw cycles: Depending on elevation and weather conditions, lakes and reservoirs may be open or frozen on any given day. Smaller mountain waters generally freeze overnight and thaw by early afternoon. Larger bodies of water are more resistant to the daily freeze/thaw cycles. Unless you plan to fish a large body of water, schedule your fishing trip for the afternoon.
Abajo Mountains
Fishing: Good
Sergeant J. Shirley reported good fishing at both Blanding #3 and #4. Bait anglers who used marshmallows, PowerBait and nightcrawlers were doing especially well. The best lure was a silver Jakes lure. Fishing has also been good at Dry Wash Reservoir, especially with silver or gold Jakes lures. Sergeant Shirley said that fishing at Recapture Reservoir was good for bass, pike and catfish. For the best results, fish for pike and bass from a boat or other craft. Cast toward the shoreline into shallow water and then reel back out into deeper water. Any type of bait will catch catfish at the reservoir.
Cleveland Reservoir
Fishing: Slow
Fishing pressure has been low and success has been slow.
Duck Fork Reservoir
Fishing: Fair
The access road is now open. Fishing is expected to range from fair to good.
Electric Lake
Fishing: Fair
Recently Sergeant Stacey Jones reported a huge midge hatch and slow fishing as a result. On June 6, 2010, Dustin Firth fished west of the dam cove and caught 25-30 trout ranging from 6-14 inches, using gold and silver Jakes lures. He fished for about three hours.
Ferron Reservoir
Fishing: Fair
The access road is now open. Fishing success is unknown, but is expected to range from fair to good.
Grassy Lake
Fishing: Slow
The lake is now accessible. One report indicated slow fishing.
Huntington North Reservoir
Fishing: Slow
DWR biologists netted the reservoir two weeks ago to sample the fish population. They found a wide range of bass sizes and age classes with fish ranging from 10 inches to 4.5 lbs. One 9.5 pound channel cat was caught in a net. A few large trout turned up in the nets, including two that weighed 3 lbs. Despite the fact that numerous bass may be seen cruising along the face of the dam, catching them has been difficult. The limit is six bass. Only one bass may be over 12 inches.
Huntington (“Mammoth”) Reservoir
Fishing: Fair
The reservoir is open. Fishing pressure was extreme last weekend. Some anglers caught fish, while many went home empty-handed.
Joes Valley Reservoir
Fishing: Fair
On June 6, 2010, Desert Lake Superintendent Roy Marchant fished for three hours. He caught 14 trout, most of which were splake, ranging from 14-18 inches. He used chub meat and Berkley Gulp. Two weeks ago, Aquatics Technician Randall Stilson reported that a SLC angler took an 8.5 pound splake while trolling with a bass plug. The limit at Joes Valley Reservoir is four trout. Only one may be over 18 inches.
La Sal Mountains
Fishing: Good
Conservation Officer TJ Robertson provided the following report: Dark Canyon-The lake is now accessible. Dons Lake-Fishing has been very good. Try the same tackle as that used at Hidden Lake. Hidden Lake-Fishing has been good with a variety of baits. The best lures have been small spoons, Jakes spinners and Roostertails. Mornings and evenings are the best time to fish. Kens Lake-Bass fishing is picking up as water temperatures rise. Typical bass lures such as doubletail divers are effective. Trout fishing has been fair to good. For best results, fish in the early morning or evening. Recommended baits include PowerBait, nightcrawlers and salmon eggs. The best spinner is a Jakes lure. Oowah Reservoir-The access road is open. Hold-over trout have been hitting small lures and flies. Stocking is expected any time. Rattlesnake Ranch-Fishing has been good with all types of baits. The property surrounding the lake is privately owned. Please keep vehicles on established roads and pack out all garbage. Warner Lake-The gate is open. Fishing has been slow. Stocking is expected to occur any time.
Millsite Reservoir & State Park
Fishing: Slow
Aquatics Technician Randall Stilson reported slow fishing over the weekend. He suggested using worms as bait.
Petes Hole
Fishing: Good
The reservoir is accessible. One angler reported good fishing.
Scofield Reservoir
Fishing: Slow
Soaring temperatures combined with a huge insect hatch made conditions difficult for anglers over the weekend. Scofield has special regulations. The limit is four trout in the aggregate. No more than two may be cutthroat or tiger trout under 15 inches, and no more than one may be a cutthroat or tiger trout over 22 inches. All cutthroat and tiger trout from 15-22 inches must be immediately released. Trout may not be filleted and the heads or tails removed in the field or in transit. Any trout with cutthroat markings is considered to be a cutthroat.
Wrigley Springs Reservoir
Fishing: Slow
No fish are being caught, but that will change when stocking occurs.

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