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Lets keep perspective during Carbon football season

By Sun Advocate

Another Carbon High football season has wound down. High hopes at the beginning evaporated to another losing season. As it past years, the whispering and finger pointing have resumed.
But one long time supporter of Carbon sports sent me a letter, reminding me that no matter how bleak things seem right now, there has been better days. There also will be again.
Right now we have Carbon High graduate and football, Jan Jorgensen, representing his alumni as a starting defensive player at BYU. He currently holds the mountain West conference record for sacks. He is a team co-captain which brings its own honors.
Several Carbon high alumni football players are in the record book at Southern Utah University. Lane Martino holds the record for career sacks at SUU with over 50 from 1974-79. He was recognized as an All-American in his senior year.
John Borla holds the SUU record for most interceptions in a single season. He had eight in 1977. He is also tied for career interceptions with 12 over the period of 1977-78 seasons.
Ryan Moynier is tied for the most touchdown passes recieved in a single game at SUU. He caught four in a game against San Francisco State in 1991.
His brother, Troy Moynier, is in the books for one of the longest pass plays in SUU history. He was on the receiving end on an 83 yard scoring play against Western State in 1986.
Talking with the current Carbon football coaches, there is some great talent coming up from the freshman and sophomore classes.
We also need to remember that football is only one of many sports and activities that our high school students participate in.
We have many graduates from across the board who have represented Carbon high well and with dignity.
If we are going to continue a football program we need to be supportive to the kids who take the field each week.
Keep things in perspective and remember it is only a game.

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