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Ribbon cuttings across Carbon County



By Sun Advocate

Med USA opens new facility as their expansion continues
A large group of Chamber of Commerce members turned out along with Med USA employees to watch the ribbon being cut on the company’s new facility on Carbon Avenue. The medical billing firm has had a branch office located in Price for many years, but now are starting to expand and hopes to reach over 70 employees in the next couple of years. There is room ready for over 40 workers right now.
Mrs. Guppy’s opens new location in downtown Price
Members of the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce attended a ribbon cutting for the Mrs. Guppy’s which is located at 42 East Main Street in Price. The business moved from around the corner recently.
Winters End opens in Carbon County
A ribbon cutting at Winters End, 214 East 100 North in Price, officially opened the store. Selling organic foods, body care products and supplements, the seven year old company now has this store in the local area.

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