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Former councilwoman honored with Woman of Achievement award



By Sun Advocate

Theressa Frandsen

Earlier this summer Theressa Frandsen was honored with the Woman of Achievement award. In 1981, Theressa. 0. Frandsen became the first woman to be on the Price City Council. During her 14 and 1/2 years serving as a council woman she helped accomplish many projects for the betterment of our community. Her committee was in charge of the parks and recreation in Price and from there began to improve the city.
According to the nomination, “it was in part of her love for landscaping and her dedication to the community that Theressa found the strength to take on so many tasks. Without her, and the other members of the council at that time, we would not have the Wave Pool, South Side Park, Terrace Hills Park, or the Peace Gardens that we love today. As a lover of trees and flowers, she encouraged the beautification of the city.”
Records indicate that trees were planted in the parks and around sidewalks, dirt was replaced by grass, and flower planters were placed in front of public buildings and along side the streets. Price began to win awards for city improvement, and was even recognized with the “Tidy Town” award.
One of the other achievements was the organization of what we now know as the Castle Valley Center. As a member of the original board for the Ann Self School, now known as the Castle Valley Center, she helped get things running. Only five students attended the school in the beginning and classes took place in a four-room house located where the present senior citizen center is.
The Community Progress Committee, to which Theressa belonged, organized Price Youth City Council. The council was organized to give the youth in the community experience with government and help educate them on the work that is put into our city. It has proven to be a successful organization, allowing many young people in the community to be on their way as the future members of the city council.
By being the first woman on the city council, Frandsen opened many doors for women who wanted to become more involved in the community. According to the nomination, “She helped prove that a woman’s influence can be a strength to any organization. She did so many wonderful things for the city of Price, and is a perfect example of a woman who isn’t afraid to make a difference.”

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