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Price city, associated municipal power system outline efficient holiday lighting suggestions

By Sun Advocate

As Castle Valley residents prepare to hang lights for the 2002 holiday season, the Utah Associated Municipal Power System and the Price city utilities department suggest implementing energy conscious tips to consume less electricity and encourage proper use of extension cords.
According to Price city and UAMPS, there are several steps Carbon County residents can implement to increase safety and efficiency. The recommendations include:
•Placing holdiay lights on a plug-in electric timer to control the hours of operation.
•Replacing light strands with more efficient options. Large old-fashioned bulbs consume more energy than the small 1.5 to 2.5 volt mini-lights.
•Always using an extension cord that can be grounded and has a duty rating appropriate for the job.
•Using extension cords that have a seal of approval from a major testing laboratory. For example, selecting an extension cord approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
•Purchasing extension cords approved for outdoor use before placing lights on the exterior of a residence, business or building.
•Using one long extension cord instead of several shorter lengths.
•Protecting extension cords from heat, chemicals, oil, etc.
•Storing loosely coilded extension cords in a dry place.
•Never setting anything on top of an electrical cord or run cords under rugs.
•Inspecting extension cords regularly for damage.
Replacing damaged, cracked or frayed cords immediately. Never patch an extension cord with tape.
UAMPS is a joint action agency providing wholesale electric energy to community operated systems.
UAMPS partners with 45 member communities, including Price, to generate and share electricity efficiently and economically.

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