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Price studio offers young children chance to make, appreciate music



By Andy Hislop
Contributing Writer

Music. That wonderful art form that defies easy definition. It’s organized sound. It’s the thing without which life is unbearable. It’s something that moves your soul.
“Music is the face of God,” says musician John Frusciante.
What constitutes musical talent? Can it be taught? Let’s Play Music operates on the premise that, “musically talented people are so, not because of genetics, but because of a musical environment at a young age.”
Music teacher-educator Elizabeth Davis, can make this reality come true for your child. Her recently opened Let’s Play Music studio-classroom is located on 700 E., between Big Moe’s and Chrysalis. It contains a classroom, an office and a music room filled with pianos. Davis said the piano is the best musical instrument to learn on, “because it lays out the note on the staff so easily.” She’s been teaching music in Price for about five years.
The curriculum is divided into three age groups. Sound Beginnings is for the youngest, ages 0-4. The classes include singing, movement, instrument play, nursery rhymes, games, stories and ear training activities.
At this young age children need to be accompanied by a parent.
Let’s Play Music is for 4-7-year-olds. These are the most important classes because, “the optimal learning window for music is 3-9 years,” according to Let’s Play Music’s brochure. It’s a three year program which further develops the child’s musical vocabulary and teaches them how to play the piano. Sometimes these children need to be accompanied by a parent, sometimes not.
Presto is for the oldest age group 7-12-year-olds. It’s a two-year course for beginning pianists that further develops the concepts learned in the Let’s Play Music classes.
“Every single class that I teach has two or more puppet shows that familiarize them with the masters of classical music,” said Davis.
Even the musical genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart took lessons. His father was a musical instructor who began teaching him at age 4. He honed his skills through thousands of hours of study and practice.
“Its the coolest program, so much fun, learn to read music, get the musical alphabet,” concluded Davis.

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