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RE: Opioid town hall

Regarding the article published on Sept. 18, I would like to respond by first saying that the town hall meeting was a good step in recognizing the opiate epidemic gripping the entire country.
However talking about it and acting aggressively to solve the problem are two different things.
Erin Garner is right in stating that there needs to be a transition center for addicts released from jail. If they are released to the street with no resources, they will continue to go to the park right across the street from the jail and buy what they need to get high and possibly overdose.
Debbie Marvidakis is also correct that solution will come from community. The community must demand that law enforcement do what is necessary to stop the dealers/murderers from operating, including reporting any activity the see to police. Maybe the President of the Philippines has the right idea.
He has his federal agents round up and shoot the dealers/murderers. Oh, I know, we are a country of laws, right? Well, we need to change the law when it comes to the people who murder our loved ones by selling them illegal drugs.
Murder is murder no matter how it is committed.
The federal funding that was mentioned should be spent for helping addicts and effectively cracking down on the dealers.
Shame on Senator Mike Lee for voting against the funding.
Until we get serious about drastic measures to stop the epidemic, our loved ones will continue to die.
—Bryan Boucher, Clayton, N.C.

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