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Castle Valley Watch December 18 – 24


Castle Valley Watch

December 18

Flemett, Eric, 36, Homeless, criminal trespass, agg assault, agg burglary, disorderly conduct poss parDecember 18

Burton, Mason, 24, St George, 72 hr hold

Demille, Trenton, 23, St George, warrants

December 19

Olson, Robert, 28, Price, warrant

Marchello, Dirley, 42, Price, warrant

Brown, Marvin, 65, Helper, warrant x 2

Elder, Patricia, 55, Price, warrant

Migliori, Dylan, 25, Price, commitment

Pacheco, Tommy, 23, East Carbon, speeding, driving on denied dl

December 20

Jones, Travis, 31, Price, assault (dv), domestic in the presence of a child, intoxication

Ezell, Brian, 33, Helper, court hold

Udink, David, 46, Moab, warrant

Stubbs, Brittany, 28, Price, court hold

Benson, Nicole, 36, Price, hold for court

Malone, Morgan, 33, Helper , 72 hour hold

Mccallson, Adam, 33, East Carbon, warrant

Byrge, Buddy, 56, Wellington, warrant

Lister, Samantha warrant

Herrera, Brittnie, 27, HELPER, possession of paraphernalia, possession of controlled substance(heroin)

December 21

Baysinger, Lawrence, 29, NEVADA, distribution of controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, possession of controlled substance f2, possession of conDecember 21

Coho, Precious, 21, HELPER, 3 day commitment

Smart, Courtney, 28, NV, ncic warrants

December 22

Henrie, Rodney, 44, PRICE, dui-drugs, poss of controlled substance, poss of paraphernalia

Ashworth, Jonathan, 22, PAYSON, warrant

Wichmann, Darien, 18, PRICE, warrant

Lange, James , 34, SALT LAKE , theft (felony3), possession paraphenalia

Prigmore, Travis, 42, PRICE, 2 day commitment

Lopez, Joseph, 25, PRICE, criminal trespass, poss of paraphernalia

Holbrooks, Crystal, 46, PRICE, disorderly conduct, intoxication, assault

Tom, Leonardo, 35, LEHI, driving on revoked dl, poss of paraphernalia, no insurance

December 23

Mccarty, Sam, 26, PRICE, warrant

Dirks, Patrick, 51, PRICE, dui- metabolite

Mitchell, Christa, 38, PRICE, possession of controlled substance

Mckendrick, Sophia, 29, PRICE, warrant, items prohibited in correctional facility.

Polito, Sheena, 31, EAST CARBON, warrants

Cook, Darren, 49, PRICE, warrants

December 24

Lee, Nicole, 30, PRICE, warrants

Vigil, Jennifer, 38, HOMELESS, warrants

Eastin, Chelsey, 29, PRICE, retail theft

Judd, David, 30, PRICE, warrants

Conner, Samuel, 43, PRICE, warrant, assault (dv), criminal mischief (dv)

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