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Happy ending for cats ordeal


Cat on a Pole 2

    On Sunday December 17 in the evening,  Dennis and Vincent Anella of Price were on a ATV ride in Kenilworth.  They saw a cat on top of the utility pole, took a picture of it and sent it to their friend Sheldon Jensen.  
    The next day they were concerned if the cat had got down safely so they returned on Monday to find the poor cat still there.  
    Sheldon Jensen and his family took a ride up there Monday evening to see it still there.  Monday night Sheldon and the Anella’s came up with a plan and decided to try to rescue the cat on Tuesday morning.  
    Dennis had called Helper City, the Humane Society and Carbon Animal Shelter, nobody could do anything.       
    Four people, Dennis Anella, Vincent Anella, Lydia Valencia, and the owner of the cat, Robert Salze, held the corners of a large tarp and waited for Sheldon Jensen to climb a tall ladder and grab the cat and toss it into the tarp.  All went well and the cat went running home.  
    The owner says the cat was probably up on the pole for a total of 4 days. 

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