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Consider charitable donations as Christmas presents




    I’m one of those people whose birthday falls into that narrow window between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means I normally get better birthday presents then most thanks to events like “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.”
    Naturally, this was an enormous perk growing up, I mean who wouldn’t want the best presents available on the market twice within a month? However, as I’ve grown older my taste in presents has changed greatly. Instead of electronics and recreational gadgets, the only things I ever ask for anymore are books or tickets. Honestly I am incredibly easy to buy for, I just don’t want to raise a fuss and if someone feels absolutely obligated to purchase me some bobble or doodad I would rather just get a book or tickets to the symphony.
    After my wife married me we found several differences in the way we approach gift giving around the holidays. She, coming from a small family with three kids, would end up buying gifts for each sibling and their spouses while I came from a family of seven kids, which would make that habit financially reckless. After a handful of years one of my older siblings came up with a wonderful idea that would not only save us the time but would make our gift-giving that more meaningful.
    Every year, my adult siblings, their spouses and I, in lieu of buying presents for each other take turns choosing a charity which is special to us, to donate money to. This year is my wife’s and my turn to choose the charity and, in honor of our son Jonathan we have chosen the National Down Syndrome Societies legislative effort to end “Law Syndrome.” Law Syndrome affects 100% of people with Down syndrome.
Opportunities limited
    It’s a series of antiquated laws that impede natural rights which we all enjoy but seldom think about, such as the pursuit of a career or living independently without risking Medicaid benefits which are indispensable to a person with Down Syndrome. People with Down Syndrome want access to good-paying jobs, the freedom to marry whom they love and to have the same civil rights that we all have.
    This organization works towards providing opportunities for these wonderful people who have been largely forgotten and ignored and deserves much more support than we are currently providing.
    If you choose to donate during the holidays please consider giving money to the NDSS and help eradicate the demeaning and archaic laws that discriminate against the best people humanity has to offer.

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