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Helper’s big project rocks on – really


Helper’s big project rocks on - really

By John Serfustini
Sun Advocate Editor

    Helper City’s three-year, multimillion-dollar intrastructure project is done, but there are tons of leftovers still being put to good use. All the excavation for new water, sewer and storm drainage systems yielded plenty of boulders, along with some unused large-diameter piping. So the city is building a boulder park adjacent to the picnic pavilion on 100 West Street near the Price River Trail. In the photo on the left, city workers are mounting a streel grate atop an extra concrete storm drain access mount that serves as a hub for the crawl tubes made of unused pipe. Kids on top can look down on those inside the concrete cylinder.
WWL helps
    Waste and Water Logistics has helped by donating some labor and using a big loader for hauling boulders into position. One of the big rocks was estimated to weigh 17 tons.
    Meanwhile, the city and its engineering firm, Franson Civil Engineers, won a grand prize for its waste water and and storm water systems from the American Council of Engineering Companies. City councilman and Public Works Director Gary Harwood, holds the trophies in the photo on the right.

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