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Water main break floods north Price


High schoolers on lunch break took advantage of flood waters on 400 North and 300 East. John Serfustini, Sun Advocate Editor

By John Serfustini
Sun Advocate Editor

    Three massive breaks in water mains serving north central price Wednesday morning sent torrents of water surging down streets and forced closure of 300 East from 400 to 500 North.
    The breaks were detected shortly before 11 a.m. when pressured water broke to the surface. Evidence such as a mini-geyser erupting from a gutter in the street in front of the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center at USU Eastern indicated that the ground beneath 300 East was saturated. Police first blocked traffic on the section, which was then barricaded as a safety precaution.
    Gutters and storm drains handled most of the water, but the low point at 400 North near 300 East turned into a pond.
    The specific cause of the pipes bursting was not officially released Wednesday afternoon, but workers suspected that a single break may have triggered the others.
    The first break could have caused a low-pressure sensor to open a valve to restore lost pressure. If that valve then slammed shut, it would then create a “water hammer” effect, multiplying the pressure and causing ruptures in the system as far north as Drexel Street.
    There were no reports of damage to residential or commercial property.        

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