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Castle Valley Watch November 20 – November 26


Castle Valley Watch

November 20
Gagon, Tyler, 22, Homeless, 72 hr hold
Day, Stephanie, 35, Wellington, warrants, poss paraphernalia
Kouris, Alisha, 41, Price, court hold
Jensen, Dusty, 25, Price, court hold
Jensen, Shaylee, 24, Price, court hold
Bowman, Kevin Scott, 33, East Carbon , warrant
Arthur, Isaac, 25, Farmington, Nm, warrants, fail to stop at command of an officer, reckless driving, poss meth, poss marijuana, poss paraphernalia, dui, reckless endangerment, unsafe lane travel, speeding, left lane restriction, open container, driving on revoked dl
Kouris, Ricky, 31, Price, interference with arrest, intox, disorderly conduct, burglary, threats of violence x2
November 21
Foster, Darrell, 51, Shiprock, Nm, warrant
Holbrooks, Jason, Price, 72- hr hold
Leduc, Maryann , 43, Price, civil bench warrant
November 22
Jones, Nicole, 31, Orangeville, poss of controlled substance, poss of para, dui
Rolfsness, Erin, 40, Price, tresspass, false identity of a real person
Cook, Janice, 40, Price, dui, speeding , open container
November 24
Barney, Jeremiah, 34, Ferron, warrant, possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, seatbelt violation
Freeman, Malcom, 27, Price, burglary of a dwelling, 72 hour hold
Hernandez, Orlando, 35, Price, burglary of a dwelling, warrant
Ori, Jason, 36, Price, 2 day commit
Prigmore, Travis, 42, Price, 2 day commit
Worley, Jared, 34, Helper, assault (dv)
November 25
Barney, Jerald, 57, Price, warrants x2
Lilly, Alyssa, 36, West Jordan, warrant
Price, Marlene, 23, Huntington, warrant
November 26
Berrett, Braydon, 38, Texas, warrant x2
Basso, Melyssa, 47, Price, possession with intent to distribute, possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on suspension, theft by receiving stolen property
Gray, Sheldon, 23, Arizona, warrant
Price, Boyd, 35, Kansas, criminal tresspass of a dwelling, possession of controlled substance(meth)
Watson, Dylan, 20, Midland, dui metabolite, possession of marijuana, possession of para

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