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November elections: It’s the municipalities’ turn


Kevin Ashby

By Kevin Ashby
Sun Advocate Publisher

    I am hoping that as you read this editorial you will have either gone out and voted or will be doing it before the deadline of 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday.
    This is the off year for many national, state and county elections, but a very important voting year for our municipalities. Enough cannot be said on how important it is that we have willing and qualified people running for our city mayor and council positions in each of the cities where we reside.  
    This is where government decisions impact us locally. These leaders set the example of how our national leaders should be attending to our needs with not only balanced budgets but in setting agendas where public input is welcomed and invited and considered.
    There will never be the perfect person running for office. There will always be conflicts of interest as they deal with making public policy relating to local businesses, neighborhoods and even their own bosses where they work.
    But, we realize that when these conflicts arise, we have leaders who will step aside, recognizing their conflict, and let the other members of the council make the decision.
    Working around these problems is what makes our manner of government great. It also provides us as the citizens to be patient with our elected leaders as they try to work through problems to the best of their abilities and understanding.  
    There are fewer and fewer candidates running for office these days, because of the abuse that seems to be given freely on these people who are giving much more of their time than they are compensated for, spending valuable time understanding the issues and then trying to make a good decision.
    There is never a scenario when everyone will be happy with any given decision. Someone is always impacted negatively. We just need to rein in our emotions when things don’t go our way and treat everyone with respect and courtesy. The leaders in our cities and towns are not full-time government workers paid to understand everything about government.
    They are you and me who had enough gumption to run for office, make it through the election process and now serving us in the best way they know how.
     Let’s recognize this process and the sacrifice it takes to run for an office. If we are going to keep people wanting to help or political process in this country to succeed, let’s get behind these leaders and admit how good the system is and be thankful.
    Last of all, get out and vote. Support your candidate with an X in their box.

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