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Castle Valley Watch Oct. 30 – Nov. 5


Castle Valley Watch

October 30
Parker, Michelle, 33, Orangeville, theft by deception
Frisbie Justin , 29, Castle Dale, warrant
Johnson, Dennis, 23, Huntington, theft by deception
October 31
Muncy Macee, 25, Price , possession of heroin, endangerment of a child
Wilson, Brandon Caleb, 25, Price, warrant, poss heroin, poss paraphernalia
November 1
Jones, Merrissa, 25, Helper, commitment
Bright, Christopher, 35, Price, 72 hr hold
Murray, Harley, 34, Price, warrant
Olson, Riley, 19, Pleasant Grove, warrant
Breitenbuecher, Kristen, 30, Homeless, poss meth w/intent to distribute, poss marijuana, poss para, poss controled substance
Orozco, Roberto, 30, West Valley, poss cocaine, poss paraphernalia
Gagon, Tyler, 22, Homeless, 72 hr hold
November 2
Farmer, Stephen, 34, Wellington, warrant
Flemett, Kayden, 18, Helper, warrant
Herzet, Alina, 26, Helper, warrant x2
Brand, Jimmie Sue, 27, Price, disorderly conduct (dv), criminal mischief (dv), possession of paraphernalia, possession of heroin
Scheffield, Amuel, 34, Price, possession controlled substance (fel), possession drug paraphernalia
Herrera-Galvan, Carlos, 29, West Valley, warrant
Young, Dylan, 22, Taylorsville, warrant
Noone, Bruce, 51, Price, felony theft
Sibley, Joel, 32, Price, warrant
Burton, Carlyle, 18, Wellington, warrant, possession of meth, possession of para., theft (x3), burglary, unlawful acquistion , possession, of transfer of a card
November 3
Smith, Lisa, 40, Helper, warrants (x3)
Averett, Eric, 31, Tayorsville, warrant x2
Ruiz, David, 21, Price, commitment
Elam, James, 36, Slc, warrants
Schwab, Leslie, 53, Price, warrant
Swearingen, Jameson Tyler, 39, Price, disorderly conduct, intoxication
Hohosh, Andrew S, 37, Homeless, violation of protective order
Bardsley, Brandon E, 18, Price, burglary, theft, theft, theft, unlawful poss/use of credit card
Prigmore, Travis, 42, Price, 2 day commitment
Jensen, Cherie, 36, Price, felony theft
November 4
Perry, Nicholas, 31, 31, 31
Perry, Nicholas, 31, Helper, assault (dv), dv in the presence of a child
Freeman, Damein, 18, Wellington, agg assault (dv), obstruction of justice, harboring a runaway
Clark, James, 20, West Valley, warrants x3
Headley, Mckayla, 18, Price, warrant
November 5
Guerrero, Mariena Debbie, 25, Price, assault, disorderly conduct
Christensen, Justin, 20, Homeless, warrant
Lobato, Kenneth, 54, Sunnyside, warrant, theft of a motor vehicle, suspended license, leaving the scene of a accident
Lujan, Freddie, 56, Helper, criminal trespass

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