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Perfect Touch


Perfect Touch Beauty Supply and Salon

    Brandee Sherman and Kelly Wilson opened Perfect Touch Beauty Supply and Salon, 1173 E. Main Street, 637-1314, on August 27, 2008 after Trade Secret closed its doors on July 31, 2008.
    Kelly and Brandee have worked together for 19 years. Their salon not only does all major salon services, but has a large retail area also. Catering not only to stylists, but the public as well, we sell color, perms and other items.
    The salon offers color, perms, shampoo sets, acrylic and gel nails, tanning, waxing and more. We are located in the Smith’s shopping center next to Verizon and the movie theater. Come in and see what we have, its has been a pleasure serving the residents of Carbon and Emery county and we are looking forward to it for years to come.

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