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BLM asserts ownership of abandoned building

By Rick Sherman
Sun Advocate Reporter

The Bureau of Land Management has disputed ownership of an abandoned building that Carbon County previously put on the auction block for back taxes.
    The 80 ft. x 200 ft. metal building was most recently owned by Amwest Exploration Company. Because of unpaid property taxes, it was put up for bid at the county tax sale, but no bids were made.
    Several inquiries were received but when prospective owners learned the building is on BLM land and they would have to provide a reclamation bond, they declined to submit a bid. County officials deemed the building property of Carbon County.
    Commissioners were ready to dispose of the property during the regular meeting on September 6 by selling it to Matt Blaser, President of Intermark Steel, when another previously unknown interested party came forward. That prompted the commission to table the item until the next meeting.
    But during the next meeting, which was held September 20,  Commission Chairman Jae Potter explained, “The BLM has contacted us and have staked a claim on the building that we discussed in our last meeting at the Wildcat load-out. So we are now going to need to enter into negotiations with the BLM and to establish ownership.”
    Commissioner Jake Mellor added, “The BLM told us one thing and now they’ve told us another.”
    The building has been unused for the past eight years.

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