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Worley-Jensen Monuments



Worley-Jensen Monument Company is a locally owned business in Price. The company has been in business for over 30 years, and was purchased by Kelly and Tennille Larsen in January 2014.
The Larsen family, Kelly and Tennille, are owners and operators of the company. The whole family plays an important role in our business. Kelly and his wife Tennille operate the business located at 45 West 100 North, across the street from the Heirloom Inn in Price.
Kelly Larsen’s ability to make a beautiful monument for a family and help them memorialize their loved one is something he takes great pride in.
Our goal is to make certain we reach out to every family during this most difficult time, and ensure their loved ones will be remembered and memorialized forever.
With Kelly’s creative abilities and Tennille with her great compassion , we can design your personalized Head Stone.
We have a new product – stained glass art. This can be used to decorate and add color to any stone.
If you are thinking of something new for a past love one or just a simple cleaning or leaveling of your current head stone, let us help you with that.

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